About us


Impano Sports Academy Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit amateur sports organization established in 2016 based in Washington DC designed to promote the sport of track and field by offering professional sports coaching, guidance, and education to youth globally. Impano Academy travels to a targeted region carefully testing prospective student-athletes in collaboration with local clubs, teams, and national federations. We train local coaches to identify talent, select the best sporting youth, and develop them into future champions. We offer sports camps and clinics for all athletes to learn from the best coaches and encourage participation in sports. We believe in the potential of sports as it plays a key role in personal, community, national and international development objectives.  

what is impano & our logo?

Our  first project started in Rwanda 2017 with the belief that Rwandan children have a special talent/gift that should be harnessed, developed and shared with the world. High Jumping was the most practiced traditional sport in Rwanda, the participants in the sport were considered one of the best in the world. Due to many factors, this sport was became neglected and considered less important than other sports.

Having conducted multiple personal visits to Rwanda, our founder witnessed the inherent talent these children had for jumping and running and believed if only these children had the right guidance, support, and resources their lives could be forever transformed through sports.


Our founder understands the important role sports played in his life by affording the opportunity to attend college on an athletic scholarship and later pursuing his passion for coaching. Therefore inspired by his own athletic journey and the dedicated coaches that guided him, he decided to return the favor to the underprivileged children in Rwanda and eventually stateside by founding Impano Sports Academy. 


We at Impano Academy believe we can enable the youth who are inclined towards sports to reach their full potential both on the track, in the classroom and in life. We move to achieve this goal by organizing developmental programs aimed at identifying talent, promoting education, health, fitness and applying strong values that are acquired through practice as well as remaining active in sports.

What is Impano?

“Impano” is a Rwandan word meaning special talent or gift.

What is the logo?  

Our logo represents the traditional Rwandan High Jumping “Gusimbuka-Urukiramende”, male figure jumping over the bar in a traditional ceremony.  This was a tradition of great importance in Rwanda society as men would jump over 2.00 meters or over 6 feet 6 inches to clear a stick to showcase their extraordinary physical talent.   Our logo represents this amazing ability that Rwandans process as there is no limit to where they can go within sports. 

 Establish IAEA as a leading sports Non-Governmental organization invested in the development of emerging youth athletes from grassroots to elite level promoting sports, peace and unity.



Establish Impano Sports Academy as a leading amateur sports organization invested in the development of emerging youth athletes from grassroots to elite level promoting sports, peace, and unity.







To build an Academy that promotes sports participation, healthy lifestyles and independence for the underprivileged youth in Africa and USA using specialized programs and physical education as a means of development.