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camps program

Impano Academy will host youth sports day camps for Rwandan children ages 8-18.  Our camps are open to all school age kids interested in sports and open to learning and competing in track and field. The camps combine high-energy fun with professionally led instruction and skill development for a well-rounded athletic experience. The values of teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship are emphasized while campers master new skills, learn new sports and gain a stronger sense of community. We will focus on jump technique, sprint mechanics and speed and strength development. Athletes will learn the basic fundamentals of the jumping events and gain valuable tips and drills from certified impano coaches. 


Camps Dates:






Registration: Parents or guardians must register their child before they can join the camp. 


Weather:   We will postpone a practice day if the weather is unbearable,  hard rain, thunderstorm, lighting, etc...  Parents will be contacted before the practice session.


What to bring:  Your child should bring warm weather clothing, sportwear, running shoes etc... bring jumps spikes if you have them. We will always provide water and medical aid.


Cancellation:   Parents can cancel their child's attendance up until 2 days before session date.  


IMPANO ACADEMY will host annual, regional  Youth Development Jumps Clinic for all athletes competing in the High, Long and Triple Jump events. 

Clinic Highlights: 

  •  Coaching staff include USA champions, NCAA  Champions, All-Americans, current professional athletes and Division I coaches. 

  •  Athletes will learn the basic fundamentals of the  jumping events in which they choose to compete in. 

  •  Athletes will be grouped by their age 

  •  Video Analysis of Professional Jumpers (Live Demonstrations from Elite Athletes) 

  •  One-on-one Technique Instruction ​​

Clinic Activities include: 

One-on-one instruction 

Sprint Drill instruction 

Approach work 

Technique work 

Plyometric work 

Strength Development for the Jumps 

Video Analysis 

Why choose Impano Jumps Clinic? 

To be the best athlete and reach your true po-tential one must have access to professional coaches and training methods. If you desire to reach the next level, compete on the National level, qualify for the international competitions or simply improve your personal record it is critical to learn the proper technique and skills. This clinic will help you develop and reach your potential by teaching you how to train for you event from the warm up to the cool down. 

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