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impano girls in sports




The Impano Girls Sports initiative is designed to empower girls and encourage active participation in sports. We believe sports can be used as a tool for social change in underserved communities in Rwanda by providing girls the skills and confidence needed to break down barriers and achieve their goals and dreams.


Using Sports to Empower by promoting:


  1. Gender equality

  2. Self-confidence

  3. Leadership Skills

  4. Health and Fitness

  5. Team Work

  6. Academic Success

  7. Discipline


Details of the program:



    Twice a week after school training sessions in athletics events paired with Impano female coaches that will transport girls to the training facility where they will train for Olympic disciplines as high jump, long jump, sprinting and throwing events.  Each athlete will be given a training program geared towards their success as a student-athlete with the aim of leading their communities and becoming role models for other young girls. 


Why this program matters: 


We want to take part in making that change possible by motivating parents to enroll their daughters in programs that tap into their talent and helps them progress so they may, in turn, use that to help their community. This program will help combat the ideology that girls should solely take part in adult house works, being isolated from their peers and the community or married away at a young age.  Girls matter and we want to take part and seeing them succeed. 




contact us below to learn more about our youth girls in sports program! 




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