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As an emerging non-profit, our programs each target different focus areas. The unifying purpose of this outreach is to encourage the growth of sports (track and field) participation in Rwanda and USA as a way to cultivate personal, community, national, and international development objectives. ​ The word Impano in Kinyarwanda (Rwandans native tongue) means a gift and we want to nurture and develop the natural abilities of the youth who are a gift to their community, nation and our world. Check out our programs offered to communities and youth.


This is a recruitment program for our elite academy and future athletics club team, traveling across the country carefully testing prospective student athletes.

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The Impano Girls Sports initiative works to empower girls and encourage active participation in sports.  We believe sports can be used as a tool for social change in underserved communities in Africa by providing girls the skills and confidence needed to break down barriers and achieve their goals.



Impano day camps are designed to include and motivate all children of underserved communities. By increasing the presence of the sport of track and field, and inspire future generations to appreciate a new sport.

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