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Talent identification project for the Rwanda Athletics Federation for future athletic success!


Impano Academy believes Rwanda is fertile ground for potential athletic talent. However according to IAAF and CAA rankings Rwanda lacks presence in the horizontal/vertical jumping events for youth, junior, and senior levels.  Rwanda athletics federation suffers from lack of experienced technical coaches around the country. Current coaches are not able to commit to the time needed to identity and train potential athletes full time.  Many talented youths with great potential are never guided to athletics or miss the opportunity to develop due to the lack of system of identification and available coaches to train them.

   Project Scope

Impano Academy will implement a talent detection system and provide the programming and resources necessary to aid in identifying, selecting, and developing future medalists and champions. This project is an opportunity to use Rwanda's limited resources in athletics to get the greatest possible return from its talented athletes.

Impano coaches will administer TID assessments and hold training camps in conjunction with physical education and athletic federation sponsored programs.


Use Talent Identification system to evaluate potential athletes in a 3 stage process. 

·       1st Phase: (Primal level): Students aged 10-18 are selected for testing. Basic field tests are carried out by EJA coaches and school or federation administrators. Students showing exceptional results between ages 10-12 are encouraged to participate in multi-sport/general jumps training.

·       2nd Phase: (Specific level): Students aged 13-18 with successful Phase 1 results, will be introduced to more sophisticated testing administrated on the track and in the classroom. Testing will include background information, sporting history, body measurements, and psychological and physiological evaluations. Student ages 13-15 are selected and encouraged to focus on Sport specific/event intro development (Long, Triple, and High jump)

·       3rd Phase: (Advanced level): Students ages 16-18 with superior Phase 2 results advance athlete to Phase 3. Extensive focus is placed on performance in a competitive environment where work ethic, attention span, body awareness, skill acquisition and physical talent are studied. The goal of Phase 3 is to identify and encourage athletes with the greatest potential for elite level and begin full-time training program in event group. 











Why Talent Identification in Rwanda
  1. We believe Rwanda contains physically gifted individuals with great athletic potential; their physiological make up greatly suits an ideal athletic build.

  2. Impano's TID program can significantly benefit the Rwandan athletics federation by assisting the federation with their ambition to compete on the highest international level. 

  3.  By identifying, selecting and training Rwandans next generation jumpers, we can create an ongoing system that will produce successful athletes every Olympic cycle. 

  4. With the help of the athletic federation and education institutions, we can work together to promote the sport of athletics which in turn will attract more students to the sport.

  5. Talent identification programs are also well suited to countries with smaller populations because these societies cannot afford to waste any talent that they might possess.

  6. The current system of finding athletes is by random selection usually from a competitive result or natural ability in another sport. The problem with random selection is that many young talents go unnoticed if never placed into the sport or competition provided. Early selection allows the athletes an opportunity to develop from a young age and guide them to high level performances.

  7. The TID model is proven and has been extremely successful for jumpers in national federations that use system related models (Cuba, China, etc.), by actively searching for talent in a systematic way using testing and competition. 

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